Friday, February 22, 2013

John Hartwig Awarded 2013 ACS Catalysis Lectureship

Prof. John Hartwig
CENTC investigator John Hartwig has been selected as the winner of the 2013 ACS Catalysis Lectureship for the Advancement of Catalytic ScienceThe lectureship honors current groundbreaking research that enables better understanding of the links among the various subdisciplines of catalysis and also advances the field of catalysis as a whole. The lectureship is co-sponsored by the ACS Division of Catalysis Science & Technology and the ACS Publications journal ACS Catalysis.

The 2013 ACS Catalysis Lectureship for the Advancement of Catalytic Science will be presented at the Fall 2013 ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana and a symposium will be held in his honor.

The Catalysis Lectureship will be awarded to Prof. Hartwig in recognition of the important synthetic and mechanistic advances in a wide range of organic and catalytic reactions his group has made, including asymmetric allylic substitution, intermolecular hydroaminations of unactivated alkenes, and enantioselective as well as high-throughput methods for catalyst and reaction discovery. His achievements both in synthetic chemistry and mechanistic study, particularly those advances in catalytic amination and borylation, have proven highly influential on modern catalytic chemistry.

CENTC investigators are now two-for-two in winning this prestigious award. Prof. Alan Goldman was the winner of the inaugural 2012 ACS Catalysis Lectureship.

John Hartwig is the Henry Rapoport Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley. Visit is group website to learn more about his research.
Read the entire 2013 ACS Catalysis Lectureship award announcement here.

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